Lasting health change in Africa

To catalyze and drive community led and people centered health systems while addressing social determinants of health.


Invest in people centered health systems for sustainable primary health care.

Community Health Systems

Strengthen community health systems to increase equitable sustainable access to quality PHC for UHC.

Human Resources for Health

Build, develop and strengthen fit for purpose human resources for health for improved skills and productivity.

Health Financing

Facilitate sustainable health financing to increase equitable access to health services and develop stronger health systems.

Civil Society Organisations

Strengthen health focused civil society organizations for social accountability.


Leverage innovation to enable efficient PHC programming.


Target social determinats and emerging threats at the intersection with health to increase equitable access.


Invest in education initiatives that significantly impact health outcomes.


Advocate for policies that improve the livelihoods of vulnerable populations, specifically for women and young people.

Health x Climate

Address challenges emerging at the intersection of health and climate related events to deliver more holistic programming.

Emerging Health Threats

Support community health systems to prepare and respond to emerging health threats such as pandemics.

Youth and Urbanisation

Target health needs arising from growing youth demographic leading to rapid urbanization to promote equitable access to PHC.

Transformational Enablers

Operational Excellence

People & Culture Excellence

Technical Excellence

Resource Mobilisation Excellence

Success Metrics

Our strategy is in direct response to challenges arising from six external drivers of change and augmented by key regional and global policies, frameworks, and strategies shaping Africa’s health agenda – such as UHC 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Africa Health Strategy 2030. The six drivers are:

  • Urgency to attain universal health coverage by 2030
  • Climate change and the intersectionality with health
  • Demographic transition with a focus on growing youth population, rapid urbanisation and the impact on health
  • Increasing need for Public Health Security driven by preparedness and response to emerging health threats
  • Political instability and conflicts and their impact on health systems
  • Transformation driven by technology

With Amref‘s heritage of a trusted organization, delivering on its promises and objectives to the people of Africa, the new strategy is set to have this impact on the continent:

  1. Increased access and utilization of quality primary health care in Africa.
  2. Increased advocacy for policies that improve the livelihoods of women and young people.
  3. Increased interventions addressing social determinants and emerging threats at the intersection with health.
  4. Double Amref’s missions’ population coverage in Africa within the period of the strategy.
  5. Be the leading non-governmental (NGO) convener of and on health agenda in Africa.