Our Manifesto

What does a child see when they open their eyes

Multiple shades lifeless grey or

Have you added enough color?

To brighten their day?


Here we are builders.

We build our communities.

Our communities build our homes.

Our homes build our children.

Our children build peace.

In the quest to face all our challenges

We ask ourselves as we ask you too.

How enough is enough?

Have we done enough?


We commit to strengthening communities.

To make strong values.

We co-create, we commune.

We seek to eat, laugh, cry and dance together.

To hold each other’s hands as we walk daring paths.

Of newness and innovative ways of doing things

A dance, a laugh, a song, and a people


Is a crying mother?

A mother who carried us so tenderly in her bosom

There’s Impending doom of her soul drying up like soil from the droughts of your inaction


I stand here, her past generation’s present.

My heart sore, my feet worn out

Crying in decrepit hallways of hospitals

Can’t save my sister of this new disease – there is no ease

Death was never this complex

A scarecrow never walks.

We nurse, we treat, we don’t discriminate.


We commit to breaking those hinges of inequality.

To reach even those in faraway corners

To dismantle flawed systems

To fight tooth and nail any forms of conflict and violence

Health, strength, peace, and resilience,

A reality of justice

Our mantra is: I am because you are


Climate change is our biggest health threat

We encourage climate smart actions

We become one with our land and heed its call to healing

A life with clean water

Sustainable nutrition and a health system that actually works

Where we do not swallow poison to live





Like talking drums

Working as an arm and body


This calls for everyone to preserve our future.

By safeguarding and securing the present as the pre-sent

To proudly pass the baton of building better

And tell our children


We did it


We are committed to doing, serving and establishing

Through our time

And Resources


For our bodies, communities and our infrastructures

Restoring the homes

Bravery in the frontlines

For our women, children, and future

We are AMREF

And we are committed to being there for Mother Africa,