Have we strengthened our community?

Danced and laughed together?
Wept and grieved together?

We ask, can you hear our Mother Africa weeping?
She who carried us so tenderly in her bosom
And nourished us with the absolute best she could give from within her?

As Amref we commit ourselves
To an Africa where all needs are met,
Where equality and hope are our foundation.
And the promise of a flourishing community,

Healthy, strong, and resilient,

Is made reality by justice
For our bodies, our families,
For our Africa, our home.

At AMREF, we ask
When a child opens their eyes, what do they see?

What do we hope they see?


Have we done all we can

To build a foundation

On which they can thrive?

In the same way the bravest of soldiers stand on the frontlines

We are committed to being that frontline,

For our women, for our children, for our future.